Information for renters

New mobile application eVisitor

new mobile application developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports as part of the Croatian Digital Tourism project – eVisitor. This free application is intended for anyone who rents out accommodation and aims to make it easier to fulfill …

The Tourism Membership Fee

The TZ 2 FORM HAS TO BE SUBMITTED BY PERSONS WHO PROVIDE HOSPITALITY SERVICES IN A HOUSEHOLD OR ON A FAMILY AGRICULTURAL FARM: Note: the form is in Croatian only, please ask the Tourist Board personnel if you need help …

The Visitor Levy
Visitor Taxes

There is a charge for all visitors overnighting in the Jelsa Council area.

Stay safe, keep legal
What Renters Need to Know

Comply with the regulations to keep out of trouble!

Financial Dues for Private Renters in the Calendar Year

A renter of private accommodation is a physical entity who offers hospitality services within a household property. Accommodation can consist of a bedroom, apartment or holiday home, which must be owned by the renter, and must not exceed ten bedrooms …

Promotion tips
How to Advertise Your Private Rental Property

Maximize the potential of your rental property with effective advertising.

Categorization update rules
Re-categorization of Private Accommodation

Keep your categorization permit up to date

Web advert for free
Advertising on the Tourist Board Website

Free exposure for your business on the Tourist Board website!

Be safe, be legal!
Inspections of Private Tourism Properties

The Tourism Inspectors oversee the way rental properties are managed, to ensure they comply with the law

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