Information for renters

Essential info for renters
Financial Obligations For Private Renters -2021

An overview of your obligations if you rent out private accommodation to tourists.

Visitor Taxes 2021

There is a charge for all visitors overnighting in the Jelsa Council area.

Guide for peroperty-owning visitors
Guide to registering your stay

For visitors who own holiday properties which are not rented out for tourism.

The Categorization Process

Applications for the mandatory categorization of privately rented properties are processed at the State Administrative Organization Office for the Split-Dalmatian County, which has a local office in Hvar Town, tel. 021/741-146; 021/741-166 (link in Croatian) The standard plaques mandatory …

The Tourist Membership Fee

In accordance with the recent Law on the Tourism Membership Fee, passed on January 1st 2020, the following are the annual charges for the various types of tourist accommodation. The Directive lays down the amount payable for each bed in …