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New mobile application eVisitor

new mobile application developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports as part of the Croatian Digital Tourism project – eVisitor. This free application is intended for anyone who rents out accommodation and aims to make it easier to fulfill …

Brand strategy of the island of Hvar
Brand strategy of the island of Hvar

The Tourist Boards of the Island of Hvar have unveiled a joint brand strategy, slogan, visual identity, and brand video. YouTube video: Light of Hvar The goal of the new brand strategy was to unify all the towns and municipalities …

Hvar’s first vegetarian cookbook
Hvar Island’s First Vegetarian Cookbook Published by the Jelsa Municipal Tourist Board!

Jelsa’s Municipal Tourist Board has been proud to present Hvar’s first vegetarian cookbook. Written by Dominka Juzbašić, this cookbook is the result of many years’ research combined with a passion for Hvar Island and its food traditions. It will certainly …

The Tourism Membership Fee

The TZ 2 FORM HAS TO BE SUBMITTED BY PERSONS WHO PROVIDE HOSPITALITY SERVICES IN A HOUSEHOLD OR ON A FAMILY AGRICULTURAL FARM: Note: the form is in Croatian only, please ask the Tourist Board personnel if you need help …

The Visitor Levy
Visitor Taxes

There is a charge for all visitors overnighting in the Jelsa Council area.

Hunting season
Hunting season on Hvar Island

BEWARE: the hunting season started on Sunday 25th Deptember. Take care walking in the wilds on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Public order
DECISION – regarding contraventions of public order and peace in the Jelsa Municipality

Regulations applied in 2022 regarding contraventions of public order and peace related to building works.

Rubbish disposal
Free Disposal of Large Rubbish Items

How to dispose of large amounts or items of rubbish legally in the Jelsa Municipality.

Stay safe, keep legal
What Renters Need to Know

Comply with the regulations to keep out of trouble!