Sun and Sea

Jelsa, beaches for everyone

There are many beaches in the Jelsa region. Jelsa itself has well-ordered beaches within a few minutes’ walk from the town centre.

Islets in the Jelsa Council region

Two little islets, Šćedro and Zečevo, are perfect gems of unspoilt nature.

Boat trips
Escape From The Crowds!

The little islands of Šćedro and Zečevo offer unique opportunities for relaxed enjoyment, away from the main tourist centres.

Pet-friendly beaches
Pet-Friendly Beaches

Beaches where pets should be welcome, if they are under control!

Nudist beaches
Nudist Beaches

Nudist beaches are a long-standing tradition on Hvar, designated by the initials FKK (Freikörperkultur)

The Jelsa Water Park (Aqua-park) – Mina
The Jelsa Water Park (Aqua-park) – Mina

Jelsa’s Aqua Park at the Mina Beach offers delight for the whole family!

By Boat Around Hvar

Exploring Hvar’s coastline by boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the island’s natural beauty to the full.

Divers’ Pearls

Under the sea all around Hvar the waters teem with fascinating finds and beauty, which only divers can enjoy. Hvar is truly a jewel for divers. There are good diving locations on the Kabal Peninsula, the Pelegrin Headland and around …

Beaches made in Heaven
Hvar Island’s Other Beaches

Hvar abounds with beaches, large and tiny! Here you can certainly find your perfect swimming spot.

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