Sun and Sea


Hvar Island is rich in beautiful natural coves and beaches, unsurprisingly, given that the island’s surface area is nearly 300km2, with the coastline something less than that.

Hvar Island’s Other Beaches

Beaches Around Stari Grad Just a few hundred metres from the centre of town, there are two municipal beaches which can easily be reached on foot. Banj Beach is a pebbled bay, about 500 m from the centre of town, on …

Divers’ Pearls

Under the sea all around Hvar the waters teem with fascinating finds and beauty, which only divers can enjoy. Hvar is truly a jewel for divers. There are good diving locations on the Kabal Peninsula, the Pelegrin Headland and around …

A Nautical Paradise
By Boat Around Hvar

Exploring Hvar’s coastline by boat is one of the best ways to enjoy the island’s natural beauty to the full.

Islets in the Jelsa Council region

Two little islets, Šćedro and Zečevo, are perfect gems of unspoilt nature.

The Jelsa Water Park (Aqua-park) – Mina
The Jelsa Water Park (Aqua-park) – Mina

Fun for all the family!There are great sporting activities on offer at the Mina Water Park: stand-up paddle boards, pedalos, and kayaks. And you can relax in the shade of the beach bar, which serves hot and cold drinks, food, …


Hvar Island offers a wide range of sporting, adventure, adrenalin-raising, and recreational activities to suit anyone and everyone. The Pelinje Sports Centre in Jelsa offers indoor facilities for handball, football, basketball and volleyball, with a football field outdoors. Jelsa’s hotels …

Nudist beaches
Nudist beaches

The whole of Hvar’s coastline is ideal for nature-lovers. The island has a long-standing tradition of naturism, which has resulted in several beaches being dedicated to nudist bathers, where guests can enjoy their freedom undisturbed in complete harmony with their …

Pet-friendly beaches
Pet-friendly beaches

Travelling with pets isn’t always simple, and pet-friendly beaches can be hard to find. Specially for those who can’t imagine a holiday without their pets, beaches where four-legged friends can swim undisturbed do exist. Indeed beaches, both stony and pebbly, …

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