Suggested itineraries

National Cultural Asset
Tor – hillfort and historic watchtower

Jelsa’s ‘Tor’: walk through magnificent countryside to visit a fascinating site steeped in the mysterious history of prehistoric times, with stunning views across present-day Hvar and over to the mainland.

National Cultural Asset
The Kaštilac Fort, Glavice Peninsula

The Kaštilac Fort is part of Vrboska’s rich cultural heritage, which in turn is part of Vrboska’s magical charm, alongside its beautiful surroundings of pine trees and greenery, its blue sea, and of course its romantic little bridges.

Hvar’s ‘Little Venice’
Vrboska’s Picturesque Little Bridges

The tiny town of Vrboska charms its visitors with its delightful little bridges, which have earned it the name of ‘Little Venice’

Boat trips
Escape from the crowds!

The little islands of Šćedro and Zečevo offer unique opportunities for relaxed enjoyment, away from the main tourist centres.

The Grapčeva Cave
The Grapčeva Cave

Some claim that Odysseus, hero of Homer’s epic ‘The Odyssey’, fought with the Cyclops Polyphemus in the Grapčeva Cave on Hvar Island.

Mala Banda, Vela Banda
Mala banda, Vela banda, Jelsa

Jelsa is divided into two parts by a stream which carries rapid-flowing waters from the surrounding hills to the sea..

The Dobrović house
The Dobrović House, Jelsa

The Dobrović house is located on the north edge of St. John’s square in Jelsa, right beside a 16th-century baroque church dedicated to the same saint. The house in its present form was refitted in the 19th century and today, …


Since its earliest development, Vrboska has been economically oriented towards the sea, and the identity of the local population was essentially influenced by fishing traditions.