Cultural Heritage

Exquisite artwork in Vrboska’s Parish Church
St. Lawrence’s Church, Vrboska

St. Lawrence’s Church is Vrboska’s parish church. It is ornately decorated with original artworks, with more fascinating pieces held in its Treasury

National Cultural Asset
The Kaštilac Fort, Glavice Peninsula

The Kaštilac Fort is part of Vrboska’s rich cultural heritage, which in turn is part of Vrboska’s magical charm, alongside its beautiful surroundings of pine trees and greenery, its blue sea, and of course its romantic little bridges.

Vrboska’s Fortified Church of St. Mary of Mercy
Vrboska’s Fortified Church of St. Mary of Mercy

The most imposing building in the idyllic little town of Vrboska is the dominant fortified Church of St. Mary of Mercy

The Jelsa Cultural-Artistic Society

Jelsa’s Cultural-Artistic Society plays an active part in the community, especially keeping folklore traditions alive.

Archaeological site
Galešnik: Relics of a Late Antique Fort

Galešnik was a historical fort,. Visiting its remains involve a lengthy uphill walk, but the fascinating site and the stunning views it affords are well worth the effort!

Archaeological site
Gradina, Jelsa

The headland close to Jelsa’s cemetery is a site of historical interest. It contains structures which hint at its past, but much is just surmise, making it a fascinating place for letting the imagination run free!

St. Luke’s Chapel
St. Luke’s Chapel

The delightful tiny Chapel of St. Luke, an oasis of isolated peace

The Church of Our Lady of Health
Jelsa’s Church of Our Lady of Health

The 16th century Church of Our Lady of Health stands on a hill above Jelsa, and is dedicated to the protection of mariners.

St. Rocco’s Chapel
St. Rocco’s Chapel, Jelsa

St. Rocco’s Chapel on the outskirts of Jelsa is a charming reminder of the importance of votive chapels to believers.

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