Civitas Vetus Ielsae (The Ancient City of Jelsa), Augustinian Monastery and Town Cemetery

Even today, there is a partially preserved protective wall on the west side of the Gradina peninsula. It stretches from Mina beach to Bocic, dividing the peninsula.

The ancient city of Jelsa (Civitas Vetus Ielsae) was built on 6.50 ha of land. A 172 m long and 1.30 m wide wall surrounds Jelsa with a second wall 800 m in length encircling the first one. Today the wall stands between 2.50 m and 3 m tall. At the bottom part of the wall there are visible indentations where guards once stood.

The cemetery, built on an area smaller than the ancient city, was once the site of an Augustinian monastery (hermitage) that existed there from 1605 - 1787. Only one church with a bell tower dating back to 1605 has been preserved.