TZ Jelsa - Tourist Board of Jelsa Municipality,
Trg Tome Gamulina 1,
21465 Jelsa

Nikša Peronja, president

Marija Marjan, manager


phone: +385 021 761 017
fax: +385 021 761 017

Croatian National Tourist Board
Iblerov trg 10
10000 Zagreb

Phone: 01 455 64 55
Fax: 01 455 78 27



Tourist Board of Jelsa


The Tourist Board of Jelsa Municipality was established in 1995. It is a non-profit public organization the operation of which is based on efficiency rather than on making profit.

The Tourist Board works on improving tourist accommodation and on raising the awareness of the economic and social importance of tourism. It works on improving all aspects of tourism especially environmental issues and is responsible for the following:

  • Encouraging, improving and promoting traditions, customs and ethnological treasures
  • Encouraging companies and individuals involved in catering and tourism to constantly expand their offer and improve the quality of their services
  • Cooperating with and coordinating the work of companies and individuals whose activities have a direct or indirect impact on the tourist trade, with the purpose of establishing, determining and carrying out the trade's development policy and its promotion
  • Encouraging the protection, maintenance and restoration of cultural and historical monuments as well as other resources of importance for tourism and their inclusion in the tourist offer
  • Encouraging the development of tourism in areas where the tourist industry has not been developed as yet
  • Establishing a Tourist Information Center
  • Organizing press conferences, welcoming journalists, participating in international and domestic tourist trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Performing all other activities in relation to tourism and its promotion throughout the Municipality.