Red wines

Faros barrique, red, 0,75 l

Faros Barrique is a top-quality red wine produced following a special procedure. By opening a bottle of Faros Barrique one is given a rare opportunity of enjoying an exquisite wine. (

Faros, red, 0,75 l

Faros is a dry red top-quality wine produced from the Plavac Mali variety growing on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar, exclusively on Hvarske Plaže, a location where, according to a legend, a grapevine was cultivated 2500 years ago, in the time of Faros, a Greek colony after which the wine was named. (

Ivan Dolac

A dry red top-quality wine with a Designation of Origin made from the Plavac Mali cultivar. The wine has a deep ruby color, is light, dry, with a rich bouquet and has the aroma of the grape variety itself. It is best served at 18 °C with seafood, grilled high-quality fish, crab, red meat and game. Ivan Dolac has an eco-product label. It was awarded a Gold medal at the 2005 International Wine Competition in Znojmo, Czech Republic. Alcohol content 14.5 % vol. (

Ivan Dolac Barrique

Ivan Dolac Barrique is one of the best wines in Croatia in the category of top-quality red wines. It is produced from selected grapes of the Dalmatian autochthonous variety Plavac Mali. After fermentation, it matures in small oak barrique barrels. Once bottled, it is left to mature for another year. Ivan Dolac Barrique has had an eco-product label since 2005. Awards for Ivan Dolac Barrique (2003): Silver medal at Vinalies Internationales, Paris 2005; Gold medal at the 2005 International Wine Competition in Znojmo, Czech Republic. Alcohol content 14.5 % vol. (

Ivan Dolac Barrique Exclusive

This archive red wine is produced from the autochthonous variety Plavac and has an eco-product label. It is produced in limited quantities and following a strict procedure to preserve the top-quality characteristics of the steep vineyards and the motherly tenderness, care and love of its producers. Flat-out amazing. Alcohol content 14.5 % vol. (


Plavac je vino proizvedeno od selekcioniranog grožđa istoimene sorte plavac. Grožđe ubrano sa starih trsova te boljih položaja vinograda zasigurno može ponuditi znatno višu kvalitetu vina. Vino Plavac plijeni harmonijom aroma i postavlja visoke kriterije u klasi. (


Plavac is a wine made from selected grapes of the homonymous variety Plavac. Older vines and better locations of vineyards guarantee a superior quality of wine. Plavac is attractive for its fascinating harmony of flavors that sets high criteria for this type of varietal wines. (

Plavac Barrique

A dry red quality wine produced from the Plavac Mali variety that grows on a limited area of the northern slopes of the island of Hvar. It does not have an overly high alcohol content and it is not too meaty. It is still rich in flavor with the specific Plavac aroma, reflecting the sand and rocks, the sea and the sun of the island of Hvar. Alcohol content 12 – 13 % vol. (

Plavac mali

After the Ancient Greeks and Romans who used amphorae for wine storage, barrels became a widespread means of storing and maturing wine. Barrels have a double function in winemaking; they accelerate the aging process of wine and add a distinctive wood flavor and bouquet. A carefully handled finishing process and maturation in oak barrels give Plavac Mali (barrique++) its highly noble bouquet and greatly complements the already strong flavor of the Plavac Mali variety. (
Acknowledgements: Sabatina Champion 2003, Gold Medal Vinovita 2004, Grand Gold Medal Gast 2005

Sv. Klement (Cabernet, Merlot)

Sv. Klement (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot) is made from the grapes of a new vineyard on the island of Sv. Klement (St. Clement), run by the Bracanović family. This wine is a tribute to the great tradition of blending these classical grape varieties. Since Sv. Klement is a new wine, it does not yet have a Designation of Origin or grape variety specified on the label, but its excellence speaks for itself. (
Acknowledgements: Gold Medal Gast 2005