The tavern has a long tradition and is located in the old center of Jelsa, close to the Church of Sv. Ivan (St. John) and 50 meters from the sea.
It consists of three parts – a rustic house, an open court and a typical Dalmatian tavern, all built in Dalmatian stone. It can seat 90.
The tavern offers seafood and Dalmatian specialties, international and grilled dishes as well as pizza from a wood-fired oven.
The owners, Ivo and Marija, and the team of the "Pelago" tavern recommend top-quality red wines from grapes growing on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar and white wines from grapes growing in the central part of the island, close to Jelsa.

Ivo Marić
Konoba "Pelago"
HR-21 465 Jelsa, o. Hvar
mob.: +385 (0)91 940 2445


50 g monkfish filet
0.2 dl olive oil
0.1 dl red wine vinegar
3 g salt
2 g pepper
several lettuce leaves
several capers
a little bit of sliced tomatoes

Slice the monkfish thinly, add salt and pepper. Pour olive oil and red wine vinegar over it. Serve with lettuce, capers and tomatoes.


Mix flour, milk and eggs into a smooth batter. Fry them in a pan and fill with fig marmalade.
Steam cook an egg yolk, 10 g of sugar and 1 dl of prošek, beating them constantly.
Arrange the crêpes on a plate, decorate with dry figs filled with almonds and pour the sauce over them.


350 g of fresh high-quality demersal fish
45 g onions
0.5 dl olive oil
30 g fresh tomatoes
10 g salt
1.2 dl white wine
parsley leaves
10 g chopped herbs
5 g pepper
20 g garlic
100 g potatoes

Sautee thinly sliced onions in olive oil. Add herbs and spices, finely chopped garlic, parsley leaves and tomatoes. Scale and gut the fish. Cut the fish so that each guest gets one piece of each fish. Slice the potatoes. Place the fish and potatoes into a dish and pour enough wine and water in to just cover them. Add salt and pepper. Gregada is simmered over an open fire or in an oven for about 25 minutes. It should not be stirred, just shaken occasionally.